Meet 9 Torque Performance, Avondale, Auckland
Auckland Dyno Day Saturday 25th August 2001

The first SCONZ Dyno Day was a great success, with a large number of club members turning out to dyno and spectate.  The MR2 club was also well represented, with several Turbo and NA SW20s taking part.  For the record, the hottest cars were:

Mk-III 2.0 Robbie Wright 210 RWHP
Mk-III 3.0 Cully Pateson 282 RWHP
Mk-IV Graeme Macdonald 346 RWHP
MR2 Adrienne Mora 189 RWHP

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Adrienne Mora, 1993 SW20 Turbo Allan Roukema, 2.0TT
Cully Paterson, 1989 3.0T Duane Leeman, 2.0TT
Graeme Macdonald, 1993 Mk-IV TT
Jason Tomlins, 3.0T Kevin Boyd, 1994 Mk-IV TT
Matt, 1993 SW20 Turbo Neil, 1UZ 4.0V8 powered Celica!
Mark Forder - How did that damn Porsche sneak in?!? Robbie Wright - 2.0T (CT26 conversion)
Shane Plummer, SW20 Turbo.  Love the plate Shane!
Stephen - SW20 Stuart Woolford, 2.5TT (1JZ)