mk3wire.gif (2519 bytes) Hunt Moorhouse, Mk-III 2.0 Twin Turbo
Name: Hunt Moorhouse Location: Auckland
Email: Phone: (021) 689694
Car: 1986.5 2.0 Twin Turbo 5 Speed Homepage:



Additional Info:

2.5 inch mandrell bent exhaust, Pod Air Filter, custom made carbon fibre water tank for the water/air intercooler.

I bought the car early 2002 and it had the 1G-GEU non-turbo motor in with the auto trans set up. Converted the car to a manual and used it as it for about 4 months. In early June 2002 the N/A motor blew up, so I decided to put in the Twin Turbo 1G-GTE which took about 5-6 months!!