Simple and Effective Boost Control for Toyota 1G-GTE Twin Turbo 6


Written by Jonathan Walker supragt@ihug.co.nz


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Stage 1: Modifying the intake pipe



Step 1:


Remove the alloy Intake Pipe from the engine. Locate the three bolts holding the pipe on to the throttle body, undo these, and undo the hose clamp holding it on the intercooler pipe. Remove the single pipe retaining bolt.


Step 2:


Drill and Tap a 1/8th BSP thread into the bend in the intake pipe, just above the cast seam and using sealant or Teflon tape, screw in one of the hose tails. Ensure the thread is well sealed.


You should end up with this.


Step 3:


Remove all traces of filings from the inside of the pipe. If you have varnish/oil through the pipe, chances are filings will be trapped inside. Rinse the inside of the pipe with petrol or other suitable solvent (outside!), agitate to remove all particles and build up of crap in the pipe. Use compressed air once dry to completely remove all traces of foreign matter in the intake pipe.


Step 4:


Cut a gasket for the intake pipe out of the thin gasket material. You can source a gasket from Toyota but chances are youíll pay twice as much for a pre-cut gasket than you will for a sheet of gasket material. Use a craft knife to cut the gasket material into the right shape. Make sure your gasket conforms to the inside edge of the pipe.


Remove all traces of old gasket from the mating surfaces. Use a metal scraper and be careful not to scour the mating surfaces too much. Clean up with gasket remover. Make sure you have a rag in the throttle body when removing gasket remnants, as you donít want these going into the engine.


Replace the intake pipe with new gasket, and torque up all bolts. Tighten the hose clamp at the front of the pipe.



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