Stuarts AirCon compressor/fuse note

> >> Ok - my A/C fuse blows every few days - but only in the morning; I replace
> >> it and it works for a few more days.  Has anybody run into this before?
> >> Maybe the magnetic clutch is shorting when the metal expansion of the coil
> >> is at it's minimum.  I don't have any other ideas.
> >
> >I had this - and you are correct - it was the mag.clutch, I got the 
> >whole thing replaced, but I then 'serviced' the old one - you CAN 
> >open the mag.clutch and work on it.. you will need a air-con service 
> >person to remove/replace/rechange, however..
> >
> Thanks Stuart
> What did it cost you for the clutch and how did you fix the short?

I didn't replace the clutch - insurance replaced the whole unit 
(compressor, etc..) - I don't think you can buy just the clutch - 
they tell you it is a non-serivcable unit - they are wrong..

After the whole unit was replaced, I scored the old one, and stripped the mag.clutch at home - it was quite easy, then I re-assembled it (after cleaning) - I suspect that cleaning is all most of these need - but it was probably over a year ago, so I cann't remember..