Stuarts Brake fluid note

> Too bad we don't have a recommendation list on the web...  Maybe a 
> list of the top three motor oils, transmission fluids and brake 
> fluids.
> How often does the brake fluid need to be changed?  Is a *little* 
for high speed safety, brake fluid should be CHANGED at least every 30K miles or so, as it absorbes moisture from the air. this lowers it's boiling point, and you may find yourself with bad brake fade at high temp all of a sudden (when the brake fluid boils..) - I have seen this happen at the track several times - suddenly no brakes!

(well, I have also seen a set of metallic brake pads MELT.. but that was on a friends psycho-brothers 260Z, they just melted, totally, looked like set jelly after the crash (not too bad..)

If you drive carefully and responsibly, and never have to stop hard several times in a row, then every 50K+ miles is probably OK.

> condensation in the reservoir bad?  Any specific brand stand out?  
> When changing fluid, would it be too much trouble to change the brake 
> lines to steel braided at the same time?  How much are steel braided 
> lines going for?  Big difference?
I believe the ford light truck brake fluid is good - I will use it next time - high temp and low maintenance (makes sense for light trucks - lots of high-load braking..)

ford seems to be good with fluids, pity about the rest of their problem range ;)