Stuarts Door panel removal note

> We'll have to see if I even need to swap the speakers.  If it's that big a
> bitch to do...I 'hope' I need the new head unit then.  Especially if you have
> to modify crap in there!
> Damn pain in the neck OEM stuff....
the door lining panels are easy, I do them all the time.

remove the 2 front edge screws, under covers kind of below the front mirrors, 1/3 way down the door lining, on the inside. just pry the little covers off carefully with a knife.

pry off the 2 little covers on the inside handle (with a sharp end knife) and use a long(ish) phillips to remove the 2 screws you see down these holes.

lift up of inside door opening handle, and you will see a phillips screw in the bottom of the little tray below it, remove that.. this little 'dish' bit must be carefully lifted out, lift the handle a bit to remove it.

remove the row of screws along the bottom edge of the door panel.

carefully pry off the little plastic cover over the door lock thing - this just pulls off, but be carefull, normally you need to have the little toggle bit half way between locked and unlocked.

Now the door panel will just pull off - there are a couple of press clips (down the rear edge, and the front bottom?) - these will just pull out if you care carefull..

it is easy, trust me. Just be carefull, don't loose any of the bits, and put it all back tight so you don't get more rattles!