Stuarts Japanese Mk3 differences note

>  > Mk4 NA's had the rear spoiler as an option ($650 or so), Mk4 TT's come
>  > with the rear spoiler standard, but can also come without it by request.
>  > The supra SE is a NA with a very fixed option package, but the spoiler
>  > is an available option.
> Ok class, repeat after me:
> Mk4 turbo and n/a: spoiler is factory option like $500.
> Mk3 turbo: spoiler is standard.
nope.. mine don't have one, never did ;)

Mk.3 1986.5 ex-japan 3l turbo.

(just to be annoying..)


my Mk.3 86.5 ex-japan does not have an antenna.. really.. never had one either.. and no rear wing... wierd, ain't it..

it does have one of those on-the-glass-above-the-rear-defogger antenas, with a total range of around 10cm..