Stuarts Spark plugs note

> I am going to be replacing my sparkplugs  soon and I usually use splitfires,
> but was wanting to get some others input on the subject.
In general, I have found spitfires to be, not to put too fine a point on it, crap, they are worse than many other standard, normal plugs.

> Does NGK make a good performance plug.  I know no one likes thier platnium
> plug for performance.  
the standard plugs are NGK, NGR BCPR something I think...

I always use the platinums, well worth it (IMHO).

my next set (ready to go in now) are nipondenso, not NGK, but the same BCPR (from memory) code. I could not get NGK's that particular time.

The ones I run have the center electrode looking like a little cone.

Someone here should know the correct code.

> I cant wait till I get my car back I have so
> much to do, Exhaust air filter mods...
story time:

I got my 'next' batch of plugs from the US, my father, being an airlne pilot, offered to get some in Honolulu on a stay-over, as they are cheaper there than in New Zealand.

I stress that my platanum NGK's are still perfect, after around 60000+ Km's... I just feel like changing them when I do the head tighten..

anyway, he could *not* find anyone with the NGK's, he ended up calling the local toyota place, and they had the nipondensos. They could not believe that he wanted them! they asked if they were for racing or something, wierd!

I always recomend platinums for turbo engines, they stand the heat better, and have better ignition characteristics, and, generally, are just more reliable.

note: NEVER use Bosch (sp?) platinums, I have heard a *lot* of horror stories about these, they seem to have a lot of quality control problems....