Stuarts Dash rattle note

Ok dudes (and dudettes...)

I was rattle-hunting in my center console a couple of days ago (a permanent job with my 86.5 Mk.3) and I found the following..

1 - the aircon control box has a built in rattle, you can remove it, open it up (easyish..) and you wil notice a plastic former with the little green LED's down the middle between the switch mounts and the temp control slider, this rattles against both of these - I put a bit of electrical tape in the gaps (paper thin) between these three, and the rattles are gone.

also - 2 of the little illumination bulbs were blown, these are 1.4W 14v, but I had no illuminatin at night (a real pain!). These things just pull off the board, and are easy to replace.