Stuarts Speed limiter note

> I haven't tried a top speed run w/ the turbo, but I know I topped out the 'ol
> 84 at 137 according to its speedo (which is probably a little off by that
> point).  Running H-rated tires (130) it was really getting squirrely up there
> but it did it.  There was no cut off.  That was just all she had to give. 
> There was no more thrust to be had.  And if you have to ask, how did I know
> it was 137 when the speedo only goes to 130?  Well there's a little mark
> after 130 and then the bumper to keep the needle from going any further.  I
> stopped just before the bumper and estimated :-)
> I hope there isn't a top speed fuel cut on the Turboes.  It was scary enough
> during an overboost run.  I'd hate to get a sudden engine jolt when already
> running at the limits of adhesion....
my ex-japan 86.5 mk.3 has electronic limiting at 180 Km/h (on the dot.. accurate digital dash..), it just retards the engine to hold it here (also rumoured to use EGR to limit..) - real smooth, no missing like some limiters, just no more speed B(