Stuarts Sump pan leak note

> The notch in my oil pan where the drain plug screws in looks to be part 
> of the design, as it a smooth indentation which looks nothing like any 
> part got crushed or broken off.  Does anyone else have one of these there?
> > I think any 18mm copper drain plug washer will do.  They
> > sell some generic ones at pep Boys for $1.  Is the notch 
> > you have on the pan flange?  It doesn't sound good to me
> > if you get leaks at the factory recommended torque for
> > the drain bolt.
> > 
I had *perminant* oil leaks with copper washers on my one 7m-gteu, but they stopped the moment I changes to the 'proper' toyota washer - They one I was suppled was a fabric (kind of loke impregnated felt) thing - with glue on it! - well, the fsurface was a little sticky - the local repair dude (who later did my full engine replacement - he is a very good, if very slow, mechanic..) insisted that only the proper washer would do - and he was right! (In my case..)